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Titlu: Hunter & The Hunted
Autor: Scotch Eye Itch
Voturi: 22

Vizualizări: 1677
Descriere: "Hunter & the Hunted" is a short horror/thriller film recorded with a cellphone. With it's aesthetics (focused on strong black and white contrasts and dramatic shadows) similar to that of German Expressionism and Film Noir, it's two main characters (resembling those seen in slasher classics of the '70s &'80s), it's experimental score and it's overall lo-fi approach, it serves both as an homage as well as a parody. Directed by: Aleksa Skocajic (ScotchEyeItch) Starring: Jelisaveta Pesic, Ilija Marjanovic, Anastasija Pesic, Carlos Goikoetxea and Aleksa Skocajic Sound & Music by: Ilija Marjanovic, Aleksa Skocajic Created in September, 2019 in Nis, Serbia